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F. Page Steinhardt has been in the photography business since 1982, starting out doing portraits, events, weddings, and custom B&W darkroom while still in high school. While studying advertising photography at RIT in the late 1980s, he added band and theatrical photography to the mix as a way to subsidize college expenses while spending weekends involved in the music scene. In 1991 Sunshadow Photography gained a physical studio location in Ithaca NY and the darkroom business expanded to include Cibachrome printing (known as Ilfochrome after Bayer acquired Ilford from Ciba-Geigy). The studio business turned out to not be as profitable as the custom darkroom and location work, so the studio was closed and a high volume darkroom was built. The business model changed to strictly custom outlab darkroom work, and location based photography, and then following a bad breakup, Page went back to RIT to finish his education, getting an Associates, and a Bachelors degree in Commercial Photographic Illustration from RIT School of Photographic Arts and Sciences, and a Masters of Applied Science from RIT's School of Printing Management Sciences.
While going back to school, and afterward working for RIT, Sunshadow Photography was reestablished as a studio business in downtown Rochester with a studio on St. Paul St. as well as continuing the custom Ilfochrome and Black and White processing out of the darkroom in Ithaca.

In 2004 F. Page Steinhardt got married and moved to Syracuse, and with the decline in local manufacturing and the general economic climate of Syracuse decided to not reopen the studio, and instead concentrate on his sideline of metal crafting as a professional goldsmith and bladesmith.

Sunshadow Photography has been dormant, but by no means inactive. Concentrating on small tabletop product work, consulting, and location portrait work, Sunshadow Photography has re-tooled for the Digital age while retaining the equipment and skillsets from the classic film era of photography.

The darkroom is fully operational and stocked, the freezer has plenty of roll and sheet film, and current technology digital SLR cameras have been added to the equipment collection.



Sunshadow Photography

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